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Divorce does stink and changes the lives of families forever. The message for the reader is to realize that the mother and the father are divorcing each other, not their children. They still love their children and it is not the child's fault if their parents get divorced."Zeep Needs More Sleep" was written to motivate children to sleep more, to become more focused in school, to be less cranky and to be happier.</p><p> This charming tale about a town of pigs whose lives were drastically improved when a boy named Philippe who loved to sleep saved his friend Jim's life due to his courage and quick reflexes. The Mayor of the town presented Philippe with a medal and asked everyone in the town to honor Philippe, by going to sleep just one hour earlier each night for just one week. The results were so amazing that after the week had ended just about everybody was happier and nicer to each other and continued to sleep more than they did before.How did America's beloved game of baseball actually begin? This informative sweet story written in rhyme tells us. It educates newcomers about the fundamentals of the sport and the basic rules of the game. Both big and little leaguers will be entertained and delighted by the logical, step by step progress the story presents, from baseballs simple beginnings to the game we know today. The big question is, did baseball really begin the way Clem, Carl, and Fred said it did?This is a heartwarming story about a 14 year old girl named Maggie who loved to play sports but found it difficult to reach her potential because of her weight issues. She changed her life by altering her eating habits and exercising regularly. As a result she became more physically fit and was able to achieve her goal of being the best she was capable of being. She also realized that nutritious foods could actually be quite tasty. Through time, regular exercise and better eating habits, Maggie's confidence improved and she was healthier and happier.This story was written with the intent to motivate children to seek help when being bullied. Bullying is a very serious problem that has reached unacceptable and uncontrollable levels in recent years and must be dealt with.</p><p>Mikey was unwilling to be bullied any longer. Although Mikey was taking karate lessons to learn self-defense, he realized that fighting the bullies was not the best way to solve his problem. Instead, he found the courage to tell his teacher, which turned out to be the right thing to do and as a result the bullies were held accountable for their actions.</p><p>This is a must read for children and for the parents of young children who are having problems with bullies and bullying.Is there anyone in this underworld community who can stand up to Louie and his mob? This is a clever story about good versus evil. A dapper wealthy lobster and his sea creature mobster crew shake down hard-working businesses that are trying to make a living. Good eventually triumphs over evil and crime ultimately does not pay. The hero's here are the business owners and the forces of good. Alone, they are vulnerable and easily bullied but together they are strong, and ultimately prevail.This inspirational story demonstrates how people's lives can change and vastly improve by getting into the habit of "Walking For Fun."</p><p>Our feet were not created to walk out of necessity alone. A group of kids inspire their entire community to begin walking for pleasure and at the same time benefit from exercising. Families including the dog begin to walk regularly. The news spreads and community" Walking For Fun" clubs start opening up all across the country.</p><p>Regardless of your age, unless you are physically unable, it's not too late to develop this wonderful habit of "Walking For Fun."<p></p>So start "Walking For Fun" today, you'll be happy you did.It is difficult to teach children proper personal hygiene. This cute story is a funny representation of what people do with what comes out of their noses and how they dispose of it. Although the subject matter could be considered gross by many, there is a lesson to be learned after the laughter stops.Poor little Cynthia feels bad and is embarrassed that she wets her bed. This learning story assures children that wetting the bed is only temporary and that it will definitely stop. A child should never be burdened with excess guilt if he or she wets the bed. Loving support along with practicing some simple precautions will chase away the pee-pee monster and help children get to sleeping dry more quickly.This book attempts to motivate and encourage children of all ages to develop strategies to turn bad eating habits into good ones and learn how to become dependent free from foods they have become addicted to.<p>Childhood obesity often leads to adult obesity which significantly increases the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack.</p><p>Being obese at any age compromises the quality of life and eventually the longevity life.</p><p>"This generation of American children is the first in 200 years who have shorter life expectancies than their parents, and the major cause is obesity." - Kathleen Sebelius, US Secretary of Health and Human Services</p><p>Being overweight or obese does not make someone less of a person.They are still worthwhile and they do matter. Unless someone has a medical condition beyond their control, other than food addiction, it is my belief that they have the ability to prevent and reverse obesity.</p>